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Orly Wexler belongs to the new wave of Israeli jewelry designers.She creates

Works reflecting modern urban and industrial life. Experimenting with unconventional materials such as silicon and rubber,

she combines them with semi-precious stones , sterling .silver and 22k/24k.Gold- a noble metal . 

Orly is a member  of AIDA-Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts.




1979-1983 Bezalel - Academy of Art & Design Jerusalem Department of industrial design

1984-1988 Graphic Designer, Advertising firm in Tel-Aviv

1988-1995 Industrial Designer specializing in Packaging

1995-1997 Omanit School of Jewelry Design & Metal Work, Tel-Aviv

1998- Jewelry Design studio Tel-Aviv, Israel 


Orly is a member of AIDA– Association of Israel's Decorative Arts.

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